Parameters settings about ActiveX Control:
1.URL: It is PDF document's link; it can be relative path, or absolute path (begin with http://).
2. Language parameter: en is English, cn is Simplified Chinese, tw is Traditional Chinese. af/Afrikaans; ja/Japanese; kr/Korean; it/Italian; es/Spanish; by/Belarusian; ca/Catalan; dk/Danish; nl/Dutch; fi/Finnish; fr/french; de/German; hi/Hindi; ga/Irish;
3. UpdatedURL: Auto-Measurement PDF Reader version to enable the latest version.
4. DownloadURL: If PDF Reader is not latest version, user will download latest version following to the updated page.
5. ZoomOutput: Document interface size settings, such as: actualsize/fitpage/fitwidth/8/12/25/50/100/125/150/200/400.
6. DownloadedTempFiles:<param name="ViewDownloadedTempFiles" value="true"> or <param name="ViewDownloadedTempFiles" value="false">.
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