HUPlayer FAQ

1. HUPlayer shows distorted screen when it plays videos.

In lower graphics configuration environment, HUPlayer cannot play normally which the player shows distorted screen.
As shown in the following screen shot.
Or HUPlayer can not display video. It shows black screen in HUPlayer. If you can hear the voice but no video show:

To slove this problem, please change settings in HUPlayer - Options - Output. As shown in the following screen shot:

Open HUPlayer and Right click the screen in the player, choose View and move the mouse to click Options... As shown above screen shot.

The DirectShow Video output by default is VMR-9(Windowed), please try to set other output modes in the red box of the above screen shot. Please play the video again after setting, if it still cannot normally display, please choose other output modes for testing.

2. How to delete license?

3. No Sound in HUPlayer

No Sound in HUPlayer, Error screen-shot:

Please try to select different Audio Render option for testing:

4. Session Expired Error

Error screen-shot:

Please first check and reset the 1-2 item. If your problem still not fixed, please set "3. Set the IE browser proxy server".

1). Check the IE Privacy Settings:

2). Check the IE website data set.

Please set Automatically for Checking for new versions of stored pages.

3). Set the IE browser proxy server.

If you have problem of your network can not access directly. Please search and find a working proxy server online, and set Proxy server in IE.

4). Reset IE and Restore advanced settings.

5. Cannot write license file. -- AppData error

Error screen-shot:

Please download haihaisoft AppData tool, and click button to fix AppData.

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