Customers' Testimonies

Your sophistication looks far more than your competitors at a lower price too! I wasted so much time with windows media drm, hexalock, multimedia protector and other methods. Your DRM is the answer I was looking for.


"Just want to be honest and clear about it all. I also tested several others DRM, most of them have poor customer service and can't seem to lock the video to one PC, without a doubt Haihaisoft is the best DRM I have found and the best customer service. It's sweet talking."

- DRM-X US Customer Roger D. Hagood

"Excellent! I love this program."

- DRM-X US Customer Voicebootcamp

"I am grateful to you and your team. You are very cooperative. I need to learn from your support system; though I am a small client I will be happy to write testimonial for you."

- DRM-X Indian Customer Kishore

"I'm hosting this DRM service for my customer. I am very pleased that you are so co-operative and offer such flexible solution. Superb! Thank you for your assistance! Greetings from a pleased customer."

- DRM-X US Customer Teemu Linna

"Your customer services rank amongst the best from what I've scene. And I've scene a lot!!!"

- DRM-X US Customer Max

"I have considered the multiple aspects. Your service is very good. Despite short term or long term, your product is suit for me. It likes a man found a good wife. Your product is useful, and it also enhances our enterprise's brand."

- DRM-X Chinese Customer Weihong Yang