How can I protect Audios or audios?

Step1: Download Haihaisoft DRM-X Packager

Step2: Install the Packager on your computer

Step3: Run the Packager

1.Double click the shortcut of DRM-X Packager.


2.Click the first button of Protect Audio/Video, shown as below:

3.Enter your DRM-X account in the pop up login window:

4. Input the files you want to encrypt :

If you choose to protect PDF and SWF files, you have one way to encrypt. But when you choose to protect Audios/Videos, you will see four options, shown as below:

It depends on your business model if you want your users to play the files online or download to play on their computers:

  • Option1: for local playback
  • Option2: for playing online   

Generate Index file for protected file (support WMA and WMV for now)

  • Option3: Set output file extension to .hup
  • Option4: for playing online

 Generate Index file for protected file (support WMA and WMV for now)

Click here to see the details…

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