How to limit end users' access just to the file they pay for?

You can set up the end users only have the access to the files they pay for.
It's very easy,let’s begin.

If you have some different types of end users and want to set that they have the limited right to access your content, you can make it come true on DRM-X easily.
So let’s begin.

Login your DRM-X account

Go to and input your login email and password to get into your DRM-X control panel:

Choose the User Group

Choose the Group you want to limit the access range for, you can also try to add a new User Group.

Click the Edit link in the row.

Here we come to the Edit Group page. Please choose the Profile that this group can access.
The Profiles are used for encrypting your contents. For example, the users of this group can only play the content encrypted by the Video Profile if you only choose the Video Profile for here for the group users.

You can also add new Profiles just for this group. See the details in Step3.

Add new Profile for the Group

Click the License Profile in the left menu.

Click the Generate New Profile link on the top left:

3.1 Input the License Profile Name

3.2 Choose the Right for the Profile or you can create new right for it

3.3 Click the Submit button when you finish:

Note: the new profile will be added to the User Group automatically when it is finished.

Go back to the User Group for checking

Click the User Group and choose the User Group you want to check, and then click the Edit button:

Click the Edit link in the row.

The users of this group can access the contents encrypted by these two License Profiles. They cannot play the other media contents protected by other profiles.


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