What is .hup files?

Haihaisoft HUPlayer format (HUP) is a new secure audio, video and flash extension of the files encrypted by DRM-X platform developed by Haihaisoft.

Aimed to solve the Windows Media DRM cracked problem caused by Fairuse4WM, Haihaisoft Limited developed the absolutely new DRM platform – DRM-X.com. With its own secure DRM algorithm and architecture, it solved the FairUse4WM crack problem completely. What's more, DRM-X.com supports protecting most popular media formats, including Windows Media (WMA, WMV, and ASF), Real Media (RM, RMVB, Flash Video (FLV), AVI media, SWF Flash movie, MP4, MP3 and PDF document.

As default, the files protected by DRM-X platform have the file extension ".hup". However, to be friendly to the content publishers, Haihaisoft allow content users to choose if they want to change the file formats before they encrypt them.

The protected files with the extension ".hup" will be related to Haihaisoft HUPlayer automatically. So the content owner will never waste time on telling their users to download the player to play the encrypted files.

HUP is also a variable bitrate extension. You can use Haihaisoft HUPlayer to play the files which integrated by some different audios and videos with different bitrate.

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