How to add dynamic watermark on videos?

DRM-X provides you with the powerful Dynamic Watermark. It will help you protect your videos from Digital Recording Equipment much more powerfully.

  • Watermark Text: Show Company's name and the user's name who is playing the video right now. It will help you find out which user records your videos illegally.
  • Dynamic Position: Divide the screen into 25 different areas, you can choose any of them to show the watermark.
  • Random Change Watermark Area: the position of watermark will change at times while the user plays your videos. So it will be useless for the user who records your videos to resize the screen.
  • Random Frequency: Set the frequency of changing the position of the watermark dynamically.
  • Set font size

    It is very to easy to set these features.
    So let's begin.

Login your DRM-X account

Go to and click the My Account tab on the top menu and input your login email and password to get into your DRM-X control panel:

Choose the Right (or create a new Right)

Choose the Right you want to use to encrypt videos or you can create a new Right. Here we choose Sample Right1 for example:

Click the Edit link in the row.

Here we come to the Edit Right page. We have set the some rights before. If you create a new Right, you need to set them again:

Set Watermark Parameters

Click the Show Watermark Settings link (Only Applied to Business Account or Enterprise Account)

Click the Watermark Settings you will see some settings.

1.Enable Watermark

Click the radio button beside to enable watermark in protected files.

2.Edit Watermark Text:

  • Input your company's name or your channel name or anything else you want to show in the text box.

  • Click the radio button of New line if you want to show your username in the next line.

  • Please choose the Username radio button if you want to show the user's name that is playing the videos. (recommended)

3.Set the Watermark Area you want to show your watermark

Please split the position number with comma, and remember add comma in the end as example: 1,2,3,4,5,
Where will watermark display in your video? Here is the watermark position number.

Choose the numbers and enter them into the text box in the right format.

4.Click the radio button if you want your watermark to be random changed at times.

Input the Random Frequency and Font Size of the watermark as well.

5.Click the Submit button below when you finish

Use this Right to encrypt a video

1.Add this Right to a Profile

Click the License Profile in the left menu.

Click the Generate New Profile on the top right.

Input the profile name and choose the Right we edited just now for it. Then click the Submit button below:

2.Protect videos

Click the Protect Now Link in the left menu.

Choose the License Profile we created just now and choose the user group which has the right to access the videos encrypted by this License Profile.

Then click the Apply button:

Choose the files you want to protect and click the Encrypt button. After encrypted successfully, you can open it with Haihaisoft Xvast for testing.

1.Open the encrypted file with Haihaisoft Xvast.

Download the latest version of Haihaisoft Xvast

2.It'll pop up the login window. You can customize the window by yourself.

3.Choose the right and input the user name and pass to login.

4.Confirm and get the license

5.Click Ok to play the video

6.The Watermark can change its position and color dynamically at times.

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