How to set the currency I need on DRM-X?

How to set the currency I need on DRM-X?

You can set any currency you need on DRM-X. It's very easy to change.
So let's begin.

Login your DRM-X account

Go to and click the My Account tab on the top menu,

Input your login email and password to go into your DRM-X account page.

Choose the Right you need to edit

Click the Rights link in the left menu, you will come to the Manage Rights page.

Click the link of Edit on the Right you want to set.

You can also choose to add a new Right.

Set the Currency you need

Click the Set Currency link in the Edit Right page.

In the drop down list, you can choose the currency you need.

You can also input your own currency in the textbox.

Click the submit button when you finished.

Congratulations! You changed the currency successfully. We will check the result in the next step.

Check the result end users will see

Open a file protected by under the Profile which includes the very Right we edited now.

Input the End User name and password in the pop-up window.

Click the Pay and Get the License button after confirming.

You can see the currency we set just now(in the red box), this is what your end users will see.

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