Why is digital rights management important?

In the past, owners of valuable content could not turn to a trusted and viable option for the licensing, distribution and sale of their digital or streaming products online. Content management systems were difficult to implement, did not interface with transaction processors and could not offer a licensing option that protected against piracy. So the precious contents can be easily copied and distributed without any reduction in quality. As a result, media contents and ebooks are being widely distributed on the Internet, through both authorized and unauthorized distribution channels.

Piracy is a concern when security measures are not in place to protect content. Digital rights management enables content providers to protect their content and maintain control over distribution. Content providers can protect and manage their rights by creating licenses for each digital media file or PDF file. License registration procedures also give these companies important customer information. Such information helps content providers stay closer to their customers. Having a robust DRM system in place ensures that a wide variety of the highest-quality audio and video content is made available to consumers.

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Why is digital rights management important?

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