What're the business scenarios can DRM-X support?

    Subscription Services
  • The consumers who use the Subscription Services will be able to download a virtually unlimited number of tracks. They can play the tracks as often as desired on computer. These tracks will be linked to licenses that contain the starting and ending date. At the end of the billing period, the consumer can connect with the content service provider while the licenses are automatically refreshed after the consumer pays for the service. Otherwise, the licenses will expire.

    Purchase and Download Single Tracks
  • In this scenario, consumers can purchase and download tracks encrypted by DRM-X from content service providers on a per-track basis as opposed to the subscription model. This remains a very popular scenario and a wide variety of service providers use DRM to protect such content today.

    Rental Services
  • Many consumers download a lot of encrypted contents to their computers on the internet. DRM-X makes it come true by supporting time-based licenses. This means that content providers can create licenses that satisfy consumer viewing habits while ensuring that the contents are used in the way they intended. For example, consumers might rent a movie with a license that allows them to begin viewing the movie at anytime within 30 days. The license will be disabled after 24 hours since they started play it.

    Video-on-Demand or Pay-Per-View Movies
  • DRM-X has long supported pay-per-view scenarios for playback on a computer. DRM-X will extends this capability to set-top boxes in the near future, so the contents can be viewed and licensed over a cable network in addition to being played back through a computer.

  • Using Haihaisoft DRM-X, a retail Web site can offer consumers the opportunity to preview songs before buying them. For example, consumers are permitted to download any songs and play them twice after they register on the website. If the consumers attempts to listen to the songs at the third time, they are taken directly to the retailer's Website where they are given instructions on how to purchase the song. In this scenario, content providers are able to promote their recording artists and albums on the Internet while cutting down costs on the real market. Of course the registration information of the consumers also can be used to strengthen their mailing list.

    One File, Different Rights
  • With DRM-X, a retail Website can offer consumers different options when they purchase their contents. For example, by paying a small fee, consumers can play the song for one month while by paying a larger fee, they can play the song forever and can also own the rights to transfer the song to a portable device. If they choose the latter, the DRM-X will issue a license for them which do not contain expiration date, they are also permitted to play the file on a portable audio device.

    Company Presentations: Protection of Sensitive Material
  • Nowadays, more and more companies pay a lot of attentions on security of the internal information such as the new production info , employee education video, and so on. We can use the DRM-X to encrypt them. Anyone who want to use the info has to get the license before they can play it and they are strictly forbidden to copy the info to anywhere else except the company computer.

  • Haihaisoft DRM-X can play an important role no matter it is used for business education or school education. You can encrypted all the classes before you provide them for your employee or students. If they want to use the content, they have to register and get the licenses from you. So it is an effective way to keep the content in security and can not be delivered illegally.

    Much more scenarios
  • DRM-X supports much more business scenarios, like On-line School, Single user unlimited time and so on.

    Use your imagination and you are always welcome to contact us for suggestions.

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