Who is Haihaisoft DRM-X platform for?

Content owners, such as film and television studios or producers or online video content creators; Content distributors such as Internet Service Providers, online video rental outlets, companies with a significant Internet multimedia presence such as sports and entertainment sites; and Enterprises who want to deliver video content and PDF documents securely to employees and partners. Actually, DRM-X provides powerful protecting system for anyone who produces content or has rights to sell content, no matter it is just a small hobby of personal video content or a giant online media content or e-books enterprise. We set up two types of account according to the users' different requirements. So you can choose the account type which you need. It's one of the most powerful Digital Rights Management systems on the market - and it's for anyone to use!

Haihaisoft DRM-X account fees: http://www.drm-x.com/Fees-Compare.aspx

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