How to install and use HUPlayer for Mac?

Step 1: Download your video file(s).

Step 2: Download HUPlayer for Mac, download URL:

Step 3: Run the downloaded installation file.

The Mac will usually copy the to the MacOS’s Application folder. If it does not, then please do the following Step:

Copy downloaded to MacOS's Application Folder:

If you get this information when you open the

Please open "System Preferences"--"Security & Privacy".

Step 4: After install, Please open the HUPlayer, and open video file.

Now you can browse to the video file on your computer. Click "File"-"Open…" and browse to where your video file is. Select the video file, and click "Open"

Step 5: Then you will see a login page. You will need to type your Username and Password that your content provider has given you. After you type your username and password, you will click "Sign In". After you sign in, you will see the License page. Click the "Confirm And Get Licence Now" button, then chlick "Play" button to play.

Finally, you can watch the protected video.

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