Xvast Windows & Mac Tutorial

How to download encrypted file

Right-click on the video URL and save the link as...

How to open the local encrypted file

1.Open the local encrypted file by right-click:

Windows (Right-click on the video file – Open with Xvast):

Mac (Right-click on the video file – Open with – Xvast.app):

2.Open the local file via the Xvast "Menu" – "Open File":



How to use Playlist

Open the Xvast browser – "Menu" — "Playlist"

Go to the Playlist page

Playlist supports forward/backward, Pause/Play.
Arrow Left/Arrow Right: seek forward/backward 10 seconds.
Space: Pause/Play

Click the "Add Media" button, add media file to playlist.
Click the "Clean" button, clean the playlist.
Click the "720P" button, zoom in to the player.
Click the "Reset" button, reset the player resolution.

Drag the media item in the playlist to move up and move down to adjust the playlist order.

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