Whitelist Protection For Mac

The benefit of Whitelist Protection for Mac is that content providers can ensure only Apple's system commonly used software can be running. All the other unknowing software will be existed automatically when protected digital content open. It ensures all the screen capture software can not start, and protects your digital content from screen capture.

Whitelist Protection For Mac only allows these programs running by default. If you want to add more programs, please contact us. You will need to choose customize client software service.

1. TextEdit
2. Safari
3. iTunes
4. System Preferences
5. Dictionary
6. iCal
7. Address Book
8. Xcode
9. Finder
10. Dashboard
11. Dock
12. Activity Monitor
13. HUPlayer
14. Haihaisoft Reader
15. Adobe AfterEffect
16. Adobe Photoshop
17. U3d
18. Numbers
19. Pages
20. Microsoft Word
21. Microsoft Excel
22. Microsoft PowerPoint
23. Microsoft OneNote
24. Mail
25. Adobe Reader
26. OpenOffice
27. Preview
28. Terminal
29. App Store

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