What payment options do I have?

All DRM-X accounts have the option to receive invoices by email. DRM-X provides for several payment options:
* Wire Transfer
* PayPal Online Payment Service

DRM-X accepts payment by PayPal, an instant and secure online payment service. With PayPal, individuals and businesses can send and receive payments through the Internet using their credit card or a checking account, in either U.S. Dollars, English Pounds or the Euro. PayPal was recently named one of the "50 Most Important Private Companies in the World" by Red Herring, one of the "Top 25 New Companies" by Fortune Small Business, and a Forbes Favorite Website in the magazine's latest "Best of the Web" issue.

Customers submitting payment by PayPal shall submit payment to media-drm@haihaisoft.com, and agree to provide their DRM-X Services Customer ID Number in their available optional text field for proper payment tracking purposes.

For Customers who submit payment in Canadian Dollars, Sterling Pounds, Euro and Japanese Yen, DRM-X's default PayPal preference setting is to accept and automatically convert these currencies to U.S. Dollars. Therefore, it is the Customers responsibility to properly calculate the currency exchange rate when submitting payment through PayPal in a non-US Dollar currency. DRM-X will post to Customers account the U.S. Dollar after conversion.

To pay by PayPal, all you need to know is DRM-X's PayPal e-mail address, which is: media-drm@haihaisoft.com
For more information, or to set up a PayPal account, please visit their Web site at www.PayPal.com.

 PayPal accepts these credit cards payment:
•  Visa
•  MasterCard
•  American Express
•  Discover

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