What revenue options does Haihaisoft DRM-X platform offer?
Content owners and publishers can make money with Haihaisoft DRM-X through selling and rental service. Haihaisoft DRM-X, in conjunction with existing user authentication and order management systems, grants a license to individual users for a particular piece of content. It provides you with revenue options such as: Subscription Services, Purchase and Download Single Tracks, Rental Services, Video-on-Demand, Pay-Per-View Movies and Preview-and-Purchase-Content.
Does Haihaisoft DRM-X support download to own or download to rent scenarios?
Yes. Haihaisoft DRM-X supports download to own, download to rent, and subscription scenarios. These scenarios require user authentication and authorization, so the end users can choose the business scenarios which they need.
Does Haihaisoft DRM-X support super distribution?
Yes. Digital media and PDF files are maintained in a protected format at all times. This protected file can be freely shared within customers. When customers who do not have a license attempt to access the shared digital media file, they are prompted to get a license for that digital media or PDF file by following the business rules specified at the DRM-X license acquisition page or at your customize page. Acquiring a new license to play a super-distributed media file requires an active Web connection.
Does Haihaisoft DRM-X support time-limited playback of digital media and PDF files?
Yes. Licenses to play digital media and PDF files can specify start time, end time, license duration limits. If customers with an expired license try to access a digital media file, they are directed back to the DRM-X license acquisition page or your customize page to acquire license. In DRM-X, both start and expiration dates are supported, which creates great flexibility. For example, a digital media or PDF file could be distributed with a license that disables playback until the intended release date.
Does Haihaisoft DRM-X support limiting the number of times a digital media file can be played?
Yes. DRM-X supports counted operations (a specified number of times a file can be played back).
Can a user license be limited to a particular computer?
Licenses are associated with users' computers or devices. DRM-X identifies each computer or device by Hardware ID. With this feature computers or devices can be identified and disabled during the licensing process. With this feature, it prevents password sharing between users. You can control the username and passwords can be used in how many computers.
How to prevent the password from being passed around?
Step1: Login your DRM-X account and click the 'User' link at the left menu.
Step2: Click the Add a New User or Edit link in the new page. So you can create or edit user in details.
Step3: Come to the Set Combined with Hardware Number and input the number in the textbox and click 'Submit' button.
Can I set it in group?
Yes, you can set it on the User Group edit panel. It will be applied to all the users of this group once you commit.
Can users access content anonymously?
It depends on your policy, but yes, if the policy for the content states that the user can be anonymous. If the user must be identified, then the policy can.
Does Haihaisoft DRM-X support protected file transfers to portable devices or portable media?
Yes. Haihaisoft's new cross platform DRM-X 3.0 and DRM-X 4.0, you can securely distribute protected media and PDF content to PC, Mac, iOS and Google Android.
Does Haihaisoft DRM-X support limiting the number of times a protected file can be copied?
Yes. A packaged file can be freely copied within computers. However, each computer that plays the packaged file needs a separate license. So you can restrict the number of licenses in your DRM-X account which issues for any given copy.
How do I deliver the protected content?
Content protected with Haihaisoft DRM-X platform can be streamed with any Web Server or delivered via progressive download. The protected content can be securely and widely distributed to anywhere. It can be distributed via CD, DVD, download, P2P share, and hard disk copy.
Can Haihaisoft DRM-X create different license rights for the same protected file?
Yes. You can create multiple rights for a single license. For instance, if you set multiple rights for license profile, when consumers open the protected media or PDF file, it will pop up the license acquisition page, and the license acquisition page list all rights, users can choose one rights to acquire license.
What is the client software for Haihaisoft DRM-X platform?
To view the protected files by DRM-X 4.0, the end users need install the Xvast (DRM-X 4.0's client software), HUPlayer (DRM-X 3.0's client software) or Haihaisoft PDF Reader.
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Does Haihaisoft DRM-X support Live DRM?
The content protection in DRM-X platform doesn't support encrypting live streams today. We may support it in the future.