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The end users must connect to the Internet when they play content and get a license at the first time. It depends on the rights settings. For example, if the right sets three times to play, the user can be offline when they play second and third time.

Yes. The rights associated with the content can specify a date for the content to expire, or the number of hours the content is valid. Beyond that, the content will not be played any longer.

Yes, DRM-X provides dynamic watermarking capabilities on protected media content. A watermark is the text includes Username and text messages that is superimposed over the media files. In a rights managed media file, the watermark can be applied dynamically as the media file is played in Haihaisoft Universal Player (DRM-X1.0 and DRM-X 2.0's client software), HUPlayer (DRM-X3.0's client software) or ActiveX Player online. The watermark is not editable by users and is permanently stored in the media file. The location of the watermark is customizable by administrators in DRM-X control panel Rights management and can contain pre-defined text such as an information classification as well as the user's name and message.

DRM-X offers 24 hour online account management service. You can encrypt your media content and PDF files by Haihaisoft DRM-X 3.0 Protect Audio/Video and PDF Tool or DRM-X 4.0 Xvast Packager, and deliver your protected content by anyway, such as CD, DVD, Email, or download from your content server. When consumers open your media contents, Xvast browser (DRM-X 4.0's client software), HUPlayer (DRM-X3.0's client software) will pop up DRM-X license acquisition page (default settings), consumers can login and acquire license to play media content.
When consumers open your PDF contents, Haihaisoft PDF Reader will pop up DRM-X license acquisition page (default settings), consumers can login and acquire license to read the protected content.

DRM-X can work with your existing website seamlessly. In your DRM-X account, you can set Profile - Website Integration Preferences – License URL. When consumers open your media content or PDF files, Xvast browser (DRM-X 4.0's client software), HUPlayer (DRM-X3.0's client software) or Haihaisoft PDF reader will pop up the License URL. After you authenticate your consumers, then your website needs to invoke DRM-X license service to deliver license to consumers.

You can set the following Rights for Digital Media Files in your DRM-X account:

(1) Description: License rights descriptions describe the rights information of your content.
For example: Junior Class video, the users can choose pay 100 dollars for playing once , pay 499 dollars for playing six times or pay 600 dollars for playing unlimited.

(2) Right Price: It's the price your customers have to pay for if they want to buy this.

(3) Play Count: Set the number of times a consumer is allowed to play the content.

(4) Begin Date: This right specifies a date after which the license is valid. Before this date, the DRM-X protected file cannot be played.

(5) Expiration Date: This right specifies a date after which the license is no longer valid and the protected file can no longer be played. For example, you can set a license to expire on December 31, 2015.

(6) Expiration After First Use: This right specifies the length of time (in hours) a license is valid after the first time the license is used. For example, you can set a license to expire 24 hours after a consumer begins to play the DRM-X protected file.

(7) Allow Print: This feature is for PDF documents. If you decide to allow printing, please select it.

(8) Allow ClipBoard: This feature is for PDF documents. If you select Allow ClipBoard, the end users can copy text and print screen.

(9) Program in Blacklist: Haihaisoft Xvast browser (DRM-X 4.0's client software) or HUPlayer (DRM-X 3.0's client software) will stop the programs in the blacklist if they are running when the customers play your media contents. You can add the programs by yourself. We will approve them before they are valid.

(10) Dynamic Watermark function: You can add your company's name and the unique ID of the very user who is playing your content. So you can find who record your content illegally. It will help you protect your content from recording by cameras in a certain extent.

(11) Authentication combined with Hardware: End User Authentication combined with Hardware ID feature restricts the end users can only aquire license in customers own computer or device, and prevent password share.

There are three ways you can choose to setup your users:

1. Create your users on your DRM-X account panel.

Step1: Go to your 'DRM-X Account'.

Step2: Click the 'Users' in the left menu.

Step3: You can add users one by one or batch create them.

Step4: Input user's related information and click 'Submit' button.
If you seeing the new user in the My Customers page. Now, you have already added user successfully.

2. Register to be your Users automatically.

2.1 Create a New Account.

It will pop up the dialog below when your user open your content. If he/she doesn't have an account, then he/she can register to be your user right now. Click the link in the red box: >>Create a New Account

2.2 Approve the User.

You will see the new registered user's information on your DRM-X account panel. You have to approve the user account before they can use it. Login your DRM-X account and click the Users link in the left menu. Find the certain user registered just now and click the Edit.
You will see the Edit User in the My Customers page, and then click the Yes if you want to approve the User account.

3. Use your own User system on your website.

You can also integrate DRM-X with your website. Then you can manage all your users on your server and your users also don't need to register on DRM-X again if they registered on your website before.

It depends on your hardware configuration. We tested on the computer with Pentium 3.4 GHz CPU and SATA II 3.0G/s hard drive. If you encrypt 1 GB files like this hardware configuration, it needs 72 seconds to encrypt data.

Your users can pay you by PayPal on DRM-X. It's very easy, you just need to make some settings in your DRM-X account. Here are the steps:

Step1: Go to your 'DRM-X Account'.

Step2: Click the 'Account Settings' in the left menu.

Step3: Choose the 'Payment Preferences'.

Step4: Input your 'PayPal Account' and click 'Submit' button when you finish.
Now, your end users can pay you by PayPal if their account balance is not enough.

If you have integrated DRM-X with your website, your customers can pay you through your website directly.

Step1: Go to your DRM-X Account.

Step2: Click the 'Users' link the left menu.

Step3: Choose the User you want to add money to and click the the 'Edit' link in the row.

Step4: In Account Information and find Money, input the amount you need to add for this user and then click the 'Submit' button.

You can set any currency on DRM-X. It's very easy to change.

Step1: Login your DRM-X account and Click the 'Rights' link the left menu.

Step2: Click the 'Rights' link in the left menu, choose the Right you need to edit. You will come to the Manage Rights page.

Step3: Click the link of 'Edit' on the Right you want to set. You can also choose to add a new Right.

Step4: Click the 'Set Currency' link in the Edit Right page. In the drop down list, you can choose the currency you need; you can also input your own currency in the textbox.

Step5: Click the 'Submit' button when you finished.

DRM-X provides you with the powerful Dynamic Watermark feature. It will help you protect your videos or PDF documents from Digital Recording Equipment much more powerfully.

Step1: Go to and click the My Account tab on the top menu and input your login email and password to get into your DRM-X control panel.

Step2: Choose the 'Right' you want to use to encrypt videos/PDF or you can create a new Right. Click the 'Edit' link and come to the Edit Right page. We have set the some rights before. If you create a new Right, you need to set them again.

Step3: Click the Watermark Settings link (it is only workable for DRM-X Business Windows or above account.)

Step4: Click the Watermark Settings you will see unfold window below:

4.1. Enable Watermark. Click the radio button beside to enable watermark in protected files.

4.2. Edit Watermark Text. Input your company's name or your channel name or anything else you want to show in the text box.

4.3. Click the radio button of new line if you want to show your username in the next line. Please choose the Username radio button if you want to show the user's name that is playing the videos. (Recommended)

4.4. Set the Watermark Area you want to show your watermark.

4.5. Click the radio button if you want your watermark to be random changed at times. Input the Random Frequency and Font Size of the watermark as well.

4.6. Click the 'Submit' button below when you finish. Of course, you can also customize the watermark, such as the user's mobile phone number and email address and so on. It needs integrate and achieve.

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