How does Haihaisoft DRM-X protect digital content?
Haihaisoft DRM-X uses new generation of secure architecture and anti-piracy techniques to protect digital media content and its own integrity. With DRM-X 3.0 Protect Audio/Video and PDF Tool or DRM-X 4.0 Xvast Packager, the technology that packages files and issues licenses, encrypts a given media or PDF file with a full-strength encryption algorithm, the end users need input the Username and Passwords, then get the license to play it.
How does DRM-X protect content owners' rights during the transfer of digital media files?
Haihaisoft DRM-X encrypts content and associates it with a right permission. The permission specifies rights and users for the content: who can view the content; when; and for how long. Only users with Xvast browser (DRM-X 4.0's client software), HUPlayer (DRM-X3.0's client software) or Haihaisoft PDF Reader, who may require authorization or authentication to view the content, are issued a license key that to play the content. Licenses are issued independently of the media files and documents, providing maximum flexibility and allowing wide distribution of content. Each time a file is opened, Xvast browser, HUPlayer or Haihaisoft PDF Reader checks to see if the consumer's computer has a license. Consumers who do not have a valid license are directed to a license registration page. Content providers can provide unique credentials to their customers to help control access to content.
In the case of misuse, can a user license be revoked?
Haihaisoft DRM-X 3.0 and 4.0 support revoke license. If you choose revoke the license, Haihaisoft client software will revoke the license when users open the protected content.
How does Haihaisoft DRM-X delete license?
The users can find the Delete License Function at Haihaisoft HUPlayer:
"Menu" -- "View" -- "Options" -- "Tweaks", click "Delete License in your PC" button, it enables users easily delete licenses without "Delete License Tool".
Of course, users can acquire license again after license expire.
DRM-X 4.0 How to Delete License Tutorial.
Does Haihaisoft DRM-X support "renewability"?
Yes. Renewability refers to the updating of DRM system components to enhance security. DRM-X usually updates system several times every year. These releases may be regular improvements in the overall security system or reactions to security threats.
What happens if the encryption on Haihaisoft DRM-X is cracked?
Haihaisoft DRM-X is designed for keeping highest security. Haihaisoft keeps updating DRM-X platform to against piracy problem. DRM-X 4.0 is the latest DRM product and the security level is higher. All client software, such as Xvast (DRM-X 4.0's client software), HUPlayer (DRM-X3.0's client software) and PDF Reader are keep updating. Content owners can control and let users use the latest client software which is more secure. They can also set license to be combined with hardware to prevent password sharing.