How to prevent the password from being passed around?

DRM-X identifies each computer by Computer Hardware ID. With this feature computers can be identified and disabled during the licensing process. With this feature, you can setup a file that can be sent out and then it can be opened with the Haihaisoft Universal Player or Haihaisoft PDF reader on any computer, but once open becomes locked so it can only be opened on that computer in the future to prevent password sharing.

You can also set the number of the computers that you want your clients to use your serive. For example, if you set one the lock number to 3, that means this username and password can be used on 3 computer at most. If he/she wants to use your service on more computers, he/she has to get another new account from you.

Who can enjoy this super function?

It is only available by DRM-X Business Account Package.

The DRM-X Business Account package is designed for content owners who will have a high transaction volume, need to accept credit card payments and integrate with content owners' website, or would like access to our special features (prevent password sharing and block screen capturing software) not offered with Premier and Personal accounts. The DRM-X Business Account package allow you to do business under a company or group name, accept all DRM business model for low license cost, and accept payment from customers without from DRM-X platform, and enable you integrate DRM-X with your website.

Can I set it in group?

Yes, you can set it on the User Group edit panel. It will be applied to all the users of this group once you commit.

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