FAQ For End Users

Essential Software Requirement

All these protected contents by DRM-X require customers to open them with specially Haihaisoft Universal Player or Haihaisoft PDF Reader. Haihaisoft Universal Player offers great new ways to store and enjoy all your music, videos, pictures, and recorded TV. For the different version players, you had better download and install the latest version with player update and greatest feature.

Network Settings

To play DRM-X protected contents via Haihaisoft Universal Player or Haihaisoft PDF Reader.

When customer opens the protected file, he needs to acquire license online in the first time so that he has permission to open his file. After he obtains a license online, he will also be able to watch the protected content offline until the license expire.

Account Balance

Although the end user gets license for online he still cannot watch the protected file. Meanwhile, license window shows a warning is that you need to “Add Fund” to your Content Owner's account through PayPal. So please contact your content provider to add funds to open this protected file.

Disable UAC

User Account Control: Detect application installations and prompt for elevation. For home users, the default is enabled, meaning home users get a UAC dialog box.

The “Always Notify” may prevent users to get file's license, don't worry it's much easier to make the UAC closed. Turning off the UAC on this computer is necessary before users get license to access protected file. Please view How to turn off UAC.

Turn Off Firewall and Proxy Server

For avoiding license is prevented by Firewall, please check and disable computer's Windows Firewall or other Firewall application. You can also unlock Haihaisoft Universal Player or PDF Reader, allow them to access internet connection. On the other hand, please don’t set Proxy Server value in IE.

Local Time on Your PC

Haihaisoft Universal Player sometimes pauses when customer has already obtained license. Firstly, please ensure user’s computer local time is correct. Secondly, please delete license customer has obtained and acquire file’s license again.

How to delete license?

1. Through Haihaisoft Universal Player

Do it as the following: Menu - View - Options... - Tweaks - Delete License in your PC - OK

2. Through Delete License Tool

Please download Delete License Tool and run it.

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