Embed PDF Reader in Browsers

Windows 10 users play in the IE browser, user need to set compatibility mode.
How to turn on Compatibility Mode

How to use Haihaisoft PDF Reader embed code:
Click the following "Embed Code" option and copy the relative code, and replace the URL (Must be full URL with HTTP). IE and non-IE browser use different embed code. Please check Embed Code below.
Download and enjoy full Haihaisoft PDF Reader.


Embed PDF Reader in Browsers Demo

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Embed PDF Reader in Browsers Code

Internet Explorer


Parameters settings about ActiveX Control:

It is PDF document's link; it can be relative path, or absolute path (begin with http://).

2.Language parameter:
en is English, cn is Simplified Chinese, tw is Traditional Chinese. af/Afrikaans; ja/Japanese; kr/Korean; it/Italian; es/Spanish; by/Belarusian; ca/Catalan; dk/Danish; nl/Dutch; fi/Finnish; fr/french; de/German; hi/Hindi; ga/Irish;

enable non-IE browser check if user has login to website.