Embed HUPlayer in Browsers

Windows 10 users play in the IE browser, user need to set compatibility mode.
How to turn on Compatibility Mode
How to use Haihaisoft HUPlayer ActiveX control:
Just copy code from here, and replace the URL (Must be full URL with HTTP. Now it only supports WMV, FLV, MP4.
Free Download Haihaisoft HUPlayer


Embed HUPlayer in Browsers Demo

Download demo protected video (Directly download or online playback in iOS)
Download demo protected mp3
To view protected files with sample file login account Username: testuser    Password: test
Download HUPlayer,it supports IE.

Get play position from Javascript: Seconds
Set play position from Javascript: Seconds

Embed HUPlayer Code

Internet Explorer

Firefox/Google Chrome/Opera/Safari

Parameters settings about HUPlayer Plugin:

"URL" :
Play URL, In Value, please enter file link address you want to play.

"Volume" :
Player default volume parameter, Please enter fit value of the player volume.

"Language" :
Player default language parameter, en is English, sc is Simplified Chinese, tc is Traditional Chinese, fr is French, es is Spanish, nl is Dutch.

"updateurl" :
URL settings of update player ActiveX, Player will auto-check ActiveX version to update latest if Haihaisoft releases new player.

"Skin" :
Player default skin parameter. The value can be KMPlayer, MAC, media player 11, media player 12, QQPlayer2.0, Xmp and so on.

"<a> <img /> </a>" :
Checking user to install latest player. If the user is not latest version, Browsers will warn him to download and install player. Just refresh page to play file online after the user has installed it.

"Sessionid" :
enable non-IE browser check if user has login to website.